We are switching the domain!

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致所有读者、爬虫及 RSS 阅读器用户:

Outvi[dot]Blog 将于不久的将来切换至 blog.outv.im 域名。此域名将会长期使用。现有域名 blog.outvi.ooo 将继续服务至六月份(具体时间请参见 Whois)。

现时,Canonical URL 亦已经配置。


To all the readers, spiders and RSS reader users:

Outvi[dot]Blog will switch to blog.outv.im in future, which will be used for a relatively long time. The domain we currently use (namely blog.outvi.ooo) will still be working till June 2019 (See Whois for detailed information).

Canonical URL has been configured as you see this message.


RSS: blog.outvi.ooo/atom.xml -> https://blog.outv.im/atom.xml


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